Bausch+Lomb Global Quality Policy

At Bausch + Lomb, we achieve quality health care outcomes for our patients and customers to protect and enhance the gift of sight - through every phase of life, by our people delivering value through innovation and efficiency. Our quality commitment is to earn the trust and confidence of our customers every day by delivering effective, safe, and consistent quality products and services that are available to patients and always meet regulatory requirements.

All of us at Bausch + Lomb are entrusted with this responsibility, and we have instituted an effective, efficient, and compliant Quality system, and a global culture of continuous improvement, which are essential to achieving these goals.

Our quality commitment is to strive to exceed the growing expectations of our customers by consistently and efficiently delivering safe and effective products that are available to patients when they need them, while always meeting regulatory requirements.

Our E2C Quality approach focuses on:

  • Effectiveness for Patients
  • Efficiency for our Stakeholders
  • Compliance for our Regulators